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Name Badge Company, formally known as DESIGN & PRINT was founded by Graham Lloyd in 2008. By 2015 the company welcomed a new partner, his wife Johanna Lloyd bringing an incredible eye to detail and hands on skills which has complimented Name Badge Company remarkably. Together they have a continuous passion for design and for being a part of of many clients exciting journey of creating their brand. They help companies create brand to be proud of. Name Badge Company assists in all avenues when it comes to brand creation. From the very beginning designing a logo that is vibrant and clearly delivers relevance to the services you offer. To marketing your business through business cards, flyers, website design and search engine optimization to name a few.

Our Name Badges or Name Tags

We manufacture a wide range of name badges or name tags to suit your needs. Our most popular name badge ordered are magnetic name badges with a resin dome finish. The resin finish gives the name badge a glossy shine and ensures that the badge lasts as the resin turns into a hard plastic protecting the printed name underneath.  This type of name badge is used in most restaurants of which we supply to, such as SPAR; Spur, Wimpy etc. Pin name badges fall second on the list which are exactly like the magnetic badges however they have a pin backing. Pin name badges are more cost effective. These are just the two most popular name badges we have to offer – Should you require a different type of name tag, please be sure to enquire so that we may assist you further

The Importance and Benefits of Having Name Tags

Name badges hold important benefits to companies in the market of today to identify their employees. Name badges are commonly used for the purpose of marketing your company and providing security. There are countless advantages to providing your staff with a name badge. Above all, providing your staff with a company name badge builds a definite impact on the service to your customers and shows great professionalism.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting name tags for your employees:

Develop a Corporate Identity

Name badges play a big role in corporate identity. Your name badge will have you logo on it – although a lot of this time your staff will be office bound, they are likely to attend business lunches whilst wearing their badges. When they leave the office, they may need to go to the shopping centres before heading home. In a sense, this is a great marketing tool.

Help your employees address one another:

For larger companies, it can be quite difficult to remember all colleagues by name, especially those who just join the company. Name badges help your staff in different department to build a sense of fellowship quickly.

Add security to your offices:

When staff are required to wear name badges, it makes it easy for you to identify who belongs in your workspace and who doesn’t. This aids in keeping outsiders away from your offices. This is very important to companies who deal with high tech, valuable products or expensive equipment.

Helps you customers identify your employees:

By allowing your staff to wear name badges, you help you customers identify them easily. Customers feel somewhat appreciative to the fact that should they have a query regarding their requests, they know exactly who to go to. Another benefit is that is a great way for your customers to start a conversation with one of your staff members. You provide your potential customers with comfort knowing that they have some sort of information about your employee before they start a transaction with them


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Badges take 5 – 7 days to deliver to your door once artwork is made and payment received

Just a Few Happy clients

There is a reason we like to Brag, quality service with our client in mind brings us great joy See some of our happy clients who love there name badges. 

  • I received the badges yesterday, I am very happy. Thank you” 

    Odette Porter – HEALTH

  • “Just received our name badges, Great work!!!! Will definitely be in contact for the key rings once the upgrades to the Lodges has been done”


  • “They look awesome, thank you so much”

    Tatum Van Rensburg – SCHOOL

  • “…. the badges looks really good. Thank you for your excellent service, appreciated.”

    Rheta Kruger – INSURANCE

  • “Thanks we received and are impressed.”

    Petro Pienaar – PROPERTY

  • “Thanks so much, our staff love their new badges, will definitely let you know when we need more”

    Tanja Evert – SCHOOL

  • “Perfect thank you very much. We love them and the quality seems to be great”

    Shelly-Lynne De Wet – HOTEL

  • “We received our badges – many thanks. They are great Sarah Schreiber – PROPERTY


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