Events where customized badges can be used

The market for customized badges and name tags is quite big now owing to the many companies that have increasingly switched from paper products to badges and tags. Right from the school level to offices, Namame Just having your own name tag makes a statement with the people around you. Later it can be a memorabilia of your professional life, something to keep with you forever. Younger generations look at name tags and badges as a cool statement, something to quirk up their attire. It is a fashion statement, a status symbol and useful as a keep sake. Which is why there are several places and events where name tags and badges are constantly in demand.

1.      Conference

A major conference requires hundreds of name tags or badges for their participants. Firstly, it is easier to identify each participant if they are wearing the customised name tag for the occasion. After the conference participants can have the badge or tag as a reminder of the conference they attended. As opposed to the earlier ID cards for delegates and participants, badges are eco friendly and low cost. Tags can be made specifying the role of a person at the conference, if they are a guest speaker or a student participant, etc. For conferences who want to lower costs even further can get name tags where the name needs to be inserted and can be re used with fresh names next year. Even those participating would like their own name tags to distinguish them from others, especially if they are guests of honour.

2.      Badges For Multi nationals

Multi national companies require name tags on a daily basis to designate all those working for them. Name tags are customised for person with their designation, it also helps during security check every day. If the person is already wearing a name tag or badge of the company, the security can quickly usher them without having to check credentials every time. When these professionals go to meetings with clients or to other companies, they can be easily identified and their designation known from their badge. A name tag is also smarter than an ID card hanging around the neck. Since corporate firms require formal wear, it is convenient to pin a name tag on the lapel of the coat than hang an ID card around. Many companies let the person hold on to the tag after they retire, as a memorabilia.

3.      Badges For Campaigns

Badges are most in demand when a campaign is launched and the public must be made aware of it. We all have the experience of having badges of a campaign handed to us on a street corner or in some event. If you are attending a climate change event, the organisation in charge will try to get badges printed with their slogan and hand it to the people. That way the message can be furthered. Many people sport such badges on their backpacks, the people who see the badge also become curious of the campaign. In campaigns spreading the word is the most essential thing, the more people know about it, the support one can garner. Handing out leaflets is not only a waste of paper, it is also thrown away after some time. People do not like to have a lot of paper pamphlets lying around and the visibility rate is also low. A badge however, is not so easily thrown and kept to show support for the cause.

4.      Investiture

When honouring an employee of the company, or a student who performed well or a person who has made a valuable contribution, engraved name tags come very handy.  There are some very chic looking metallic name tags sold by companies like NameBadgeCompany and the selling companies lets you get a customised engraving done. Giving a person an engraved tag at an investiture is cost effective, elegant and the person can showcase it in their home. An engraved metal badge has a very different value than simple paper certificate. Like people decorate their table with class mugs from the university, they can put the badge in their workspace and wear it on special occasions so people can know of their achievement.

5.      Advertising events

If as a company you are holding an event to advertise your brand, it is a good idea to print some badges with the company logo instead of paper leaflets. Paper leaflets only end up littering the place and are rarely taken home by anyone. Badges on the other hand, are kept around as they look cool. It is a great way of advertising and catching the imagination of the younger generation. Companies like BMW, KFC handed out badges in an event and they could be seen on the bags of school and college goers for weeks. That is some good advertising.

6.      Concerts

Many concerts these days instead of paper ticket hand out wrist bracelets or badges to show before entering. People love to hold on to concert merchandise as memory, and not all can afford the tee shirts. Giving out a badge instead of a ticket can be great idea, first eco friendly, second, more exposure. For local brands it is a good investment to get some customised badges. That way people who have attended the concert can show your badge to friends, or sport it and other people will think you are pretty cool giving out badges and might out of curiosity come to your next concert. You can check out options over at Nam BadgeCompany.

There are so many other places that make use of badges and name tags, they are a very versatile product. Since they are unconventional and fun name badges are becoming increasingly popular. Nobody wants to waste paper printing leaflets or name labels out anymore since they get ruined easily. Badges are being chosen in place of paper by companies and individuals since they are more sophisticated.

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