How to Design Attractive Name Badges and Tags

Name tags/badges don’t have to be boring. Today there are more name badge options out there than ever before.

 The best part is you can personalize your name tags/badges to include a design unique to your needs and requirements that will be appealing and stand out above the rest.

Whether you run a service with customer-facing staff members or are organizing an event, there are all types of uses for name badges. You can even use them at large wedding celebrations, baby showers and family get-togethers. Virtually any gathering where people meet, name badges/tags make remembering names and socializing so much easier and more enjoyable.

Making Custom Name Tags and badges

There are many benefits to conveniently placed and clearly seen identification name badges.

Whether you need staff member name tags, seminar badges, work desk name plates or personalized baggage tags, these items may tend to all look the same because they can be ordered out of an online catalogue.  But did you know that it is possible for you to enjoy creating your own customized, one of a kind name badge design.  To follow is different name badge options.

Worker Name Tags

Part of a workers uniform is often an employee name tag permit, where your team can be conveniently differentiated from your consumers. They’re normally a simple, easy-to-read style that includes a company name/logo, employee name as well as task title.

These custom made name tags are recyclable and have to be durable enough for day-to-day wear. Thus, most tags are made from durable products such as timber, plastic or steel.

                                                      Trade Events and Name Badges

Meeting name tags are vital for security and admittance credentials to ensure the smooth running of events such as  trade conventions, education summits, sales conferences or networking occasions. Personal name tags add to an events success as they empower people to make connections and facilitating easier communication and socializing.

Typically conference name badges include the logo, name and year as well as the attendee’s name, firm, task title and typically event role (such as audio speaker, exhibitor, etc). Among the easiest and most popular means of displaying these name badges is in a plastic sleeve attached to clothing or hung from a lanyard. Event branding which includes name tags has become especially creative. While printed name badges are normally disposable items, some event coordinators want something more high end and personalized.

Laser Cut Name Badges and tags

Whether you’re designing staff member name tags or event badges, there’s one commonality: Customization. These aren’t items you can get in mass.

With Laser reducing you are able to produce personalized designs on demand. This requires an electronic style document made in software application, such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, which contains vector courses for engraving and cutting. Where more than one badge is required it’s very economical to develop a full-sheet format to make a larger amount of badges all at once.

Work  Desk Name Plates

Work desk name plates are a more long-term identification option in a workplace setting. They define a workplace name (such as bookkeeping or marketing) or act as a name sign at a person’s desk/cubicle. Made from durable steel, wood or plastic, desk name plates are usually tailored using printing or etching the individual’s name, title or department.

Name Badge Holders And Lanyards

Various options are available for attaching a badge to the user. Lanyards, badge pins and magnetic badge fasteners.

 Lanyards suspend name badges around one’s neck. They are made from Polyester, weaved nylon, polyester or cotton cord, reflective ribbon, cork or neoprene. Some are also crafted to look like fashion jewelry.

The Standard size name badge for lanyards are 6cm x 10cm broad. Several name badge attachement options are available: bulldog clips, snap hooks, o-rings to split rings, swivel hooks and retracting badge reels. For safety purposes for particular work sectors breakaway lanyards are designed to avoid serious injury.

Plastic Name Badge Holders

Plastic name badge holders are a very easy and cost-effective option for housing printed name badges. Making use of a clear plastic sleeve permits quick printing if you have  functions with lots of walk-in attendees or your work environment often has visitors on site that require momentary identification. These sleeves can be used repeatedly; simply print a brand-new name badge when necessary.

Brooch-style clips are user friendly and cost affective. The name badge pins are fastened with double-sided tape, glue or epoxy.

Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic name badges are the most common option. Ideal for staff member name tags or other name badges that will be worn often, they are made from durable material. Merely put the support bar inside a coat, lapel or shirt with the front bar on the outside of your clothing. The magnets hold it firmly in position.

Magnetic name badges are recommended where there is the danger of a lanyard badge getting caught in machinery. Many name badge suppliers offer magnetic fasteners as an alternative when getting name badges.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Name Badges

Some considerations: Who is wearing the name badges? Are they young or elderly? Trendy or conventional? The design should attract their preferences. How long will the name badges be worn? Temporary event or long-term employee? What’s the environment in which badges will be worn? Will they be in a reasonably tidy indoor space or will they be exposed to spills/dirt and require to be cleaned frequently?

Plastic / Acrylic Name Badges

Plastic is a popular choice because it is convenient, inexpensive and offers many color choices. Although not the best quality, plastic is extremely practical. They can be used for DIY name tag projects. But If you wish to incorporate business or event style colors into your name badges then acrylic is the best choice.

Wood Name Badges

Timber name badges have a pleasing visual and are a more environment-friendly alternative than their plastic equivalents. This makes them appropriate for firms or events that  promote nature or sustainability such as alternate energy companies, yard centers, museums and even summer camps. s

Facebook Conference Booklet Name Badges

While these might resemble conventional name badges, they’re really event pamphlets with all the seminar details such as schedules, maps etc. They have a hole in the corner so wearers can assess the info inside without having to get rid of the pamphlet from the lanyard. They hang at an angle allowing space for guest names to be in big, clear type.

What Makes A Successful Name Badge?

The primary factor is readability. The persons name must be eligible. Avoid type style or font that is too small.

After which the requirements are subjective –  What’s proper for a service conference isn’t going to be the same as what’s needed for a secondary school get-together or for employees in a retail store.

Additionally, consider your audience needs. For example, work title or area might not be a huge thing when strolling an exhibition floor. However if a big firm has a yearly sales conference with staff member from across the nation, it’s valuable to understand which workplace the person works from and also what they do.

For extra creative ideas, look for DIY name badges ideas on Pinterest,. Bottom Line: Use Good design. Badges are practical  but Include some flair and you’ll have name badges that anybody would be proud to wear

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