Name Badges in Events

Name badges are used within the company or organisation for boosting security, identification, and improving customer relations. The uses of name badges continue to increase with time and they can now be seen in areas that were taboo in the past.

Events, corporate or otherwise, are now having name badges as an important component. This is not only for the obvious reasons of identification. Name badges are used in events to increase security. This is done by giving different coloured name badges for different security levels. For example people allowed to the dais of a business meeting could have different coloured badges from the rest, allowing only selected few to the fore front.

Name badges are also used to promote a brand in events such as exhibitions, trade fairs among others. In this case, the name badge is designed in a way as to include the company name, logo or the name of a product. Badge accessories such as lanyards can also include this information and used to market the company and its products. The name badges can then be given away as gifts to potential clients, visitors to the exhibition table or even the employees at the exhibition.

In other cases where the company hosts a social event, name badges can be used to differentiate between the hosts and the visitors. If it is an event that has many teams, name badges with different colours, designs and even shapes are used to differentiate members of various teams or groups. A company can also take this opportunity to market its products by assigning each team a different product on their badges.

The uses of the name badges in events are uncountable but what makes so popular in events? Name badges presents a friendly way to approach people as one already knows the name of the person they are going to talk to. Other than that, the name badges are easy to wear and carry around. They are also affordable and easily available. With the new world technology, name badges are easily designed and purchased online.

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